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We have long been interested in firearms of all types and configurations. Hunting, fishing , camping, and most outdoor activities pretty well describes us. We are a small family company keenly concerned with the quality and dependability of products used in the shooting sports.

Many of the products we produce are things that the Chuckwalla Kid and Palo Verde developed for Cowboy Action Shooting and to help them practice.

The Chuckwalla Kid (Scott Stephenson) was second overall at EOT in 2006 (his second year of CAS) and won first overall at EOT in 2007 (his third year of CAS) — he then left for school and a career.

Palo Verde was been a hobby gunsmith for 35 years and started working on cowboy guns when he started competing in CAS in 2004. He has had training by some of the best gumnsmiths–??. Many of the products we offer have been produced for many years but were only made one at a time for custom built long guns. Many of our products are in or on long guns used by World and National Champion competitors. Encouragement from customers has brought us to package some of our firearms accessories and offer them to the general public. We hope you like them.

It is also our desire to provide an outlet for unknown, quality firearms accessories and Cowboy Action Shooting related products. There are many people making very fine specialty products but only selling them locally to their friends or local club members. It is our desire to make some of these great products available to all firearms enthusiasts. If you are one of those people, with a quality accessory product, and would like to sell it to a bigger audience, please contact us. But be please be informed and note our general policy of a 100% Guarantee for every product.

Palo Verde, Chuckwalla Kid

Palo Verde's Awards

Palo Verde’s Supervisor, Sally Verde (Mrs. Verde), is the Chief Financial Officer and Senior Supervisor at Palo Verde Gunworks. In recent years, she has annually presented an award to her employee. There is a list below, but you should know that the employee(s) of this company have very strict supervision and Palo Verde is honored to receive such awards. However, they recently seem to be hedging a little with subtle second meanings. (Note: Part time employees, such as the Chuckwalla Kid and his sister, are not eligible for annual awards. That said, the Blue Ridge Ranger was awarded “Best New Employee” award for 2015 — I just don’t understand.

  • 2004-2007 **During the first three years** I was not recognized at the annual awards banquet in December
  • 2008 “Employee of the Year” (I truly felt honored in 2008, but the award came on a coffee mug with crooked lettering. Supervisor said it came from a dollar store and she was watching the overhead)
  • 2009 “Best Employee” (maybe I was the best of the best, even though I was the only employee. Or does this just mean that I am the best she currently has?)
  • 2010 “Voted #1 Employee for 2010” (to my knowledge, there was no #2 employee, and does this simply mean that I am employee #1 (the first) and there will be a #2 and #3?)
  • 2011 “Employee of the Year” (yes, I was an employee in 2011, but the honor is now somehow weak)
  • 2012 “Major Award of the Year” (“Major Award”? to my knowledge, this was the only award for the year)
  • 2013 “2013 Employee Acknowledgement” (I guess it is good to be acknowledged)
  • 2014 “Valued Employee” (not greatly or highly valued, just some value)
  • 2015 “2015 Bright Idea Award” for new and improved products.

Some of the Cowboy Action Shooting Awards we have Received

Chuckwalla Kid, SASS # 56,565

2007 Overall SASS World Champion, Fastest Speed Shotgun, 1st place Need for Speed. Winner Texas Star competition

2006 2nd Overall SASS World Championship. Two time SASS World Champion Modern.

2007 National Champion Modern, Winner Top Gun Shoot-off.

Two time Overall Arizona State Champion.

And lots of other stuff.

Palo Verde SASS #56,522

Arizona State Champion Silver Senior, 2013

National Champion Senior, W.R. 2009

National Champion Senior,W.R. 2007, 4th Overall.

AZ State Champion Senior, 2007.

AZ State Champion 49er, 2006.

Western Regional Championship 3rd Overall 2006,
1st Speed 4-Gun

Southwest Territories Regional Champion 49er
2006, 1st Speed Pistol, 1st Need for Speed.

Western Regional Champion 49er 2005, 2nd
Overall, 1st Speed Shotgun.

1st Overall Nevada State Championship 2005, 1st Speed Rifle.

And a few other things

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