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1)The lighter tension, ’73 Wire Lever and Lifter springs are usually only used with the lighter, aluminum carriers.

2) Be certain your hammer is down when you store your gun — even for just a week. The lightened springs can sometimes take a “set” (the spring industry has some special terms for this).

3) Always check your screws and “snug them up” before a match or hunting trip, sometimes stuff falls out☹. I like a little “Purple” Loctite on the threads.

4) Keep the firing pin extension on your ’73 or ’66 clean and lubed to reduce friction and wear – this is an important friction and wear spot.

5) Keep the action bar track (groove) on the left side of your ’97’s carrier clean and lubed — this is an important friction and wear spot.

6) If your rifle is a .357, it may like ammo loaded between 1.510 and 1.550” over-all length. The ’73 will likely lever smoother and your Marlin or Rossi will likely feed better. Personally, I like around 1.530 in a .357 case with a broad-pointed RNFP bullet. The narrow pointed, truncated 105g bullet in a .38 case can be problematic in some rifles if loaded to .38 spl OAL. Some Marlins prefer around 1.510”OAL, others like up to 1.570”. Most Rossi’s like around the same length. Marlins can be very sensitive about the over-all length and, reportedly, sometimes the shape of the bullet.

7) Note: If you own or operate an auto repair shop, you will be charged an extra 9% for “shop supplies. smiley20

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