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We only deal in high quality guns and we back them with a 100% guarantee. They are smooth, they are reliable and they are guaranteed to run with the best.
Our “Primo 97s” and “Match Ready ‘73s” are used by a number of national and world champions.  For example: Cody James (2016 Cowboy Action Shooting Overall National Champion), SASS Kicker (2016 Women’s Cowboy Action Shooting SASS Overall National Champion),  Robyn DaVault ( 2013 Overall Cowboy Action Shooting SASS National Champion),  Addie Rose (2012  Women’s Overall National Champion of Cowboy Action Shooting SASS) Chuckwalla Kid (2007 Overall World Champion SASS Cowboy Action  Shooting ).  Mentioning all the National and World Category Champions would take considerable space. And, there are many more.

Our “Primo 97s” are built from the very best (little wear) 97s we can find and it is getting harder to find good, late production ‘97s in premium condition. Almost all of the “Primo 97s” will be 97s manufactured in the 1950s.
We call our “Match Ready ‘73s “2-second guns” because they can run 10 rounds in under 2 seconds (when used by a 2-second shooter  I can’t do it but some can).
Money spent on equipment will not substitute for practice but you can’t be your best without good guns.

You must contact us to buy a gun. You can’t buy it off the web site with a click. We only ship firearms to FFL Dealers and they do the Transfer to you. After you contact us, you must locate a local FFL Firearms Dealer and have them send us a copy of their FFL. After payment, we ship the Firearm to your local FFL Firearms dealer and he does the actual Transfer to you. We charge $35. Shipping for all long guns shipped to the 48 states – a little more for Hawaii and Alaska . We can not sell Firearms to anyone outside the US.

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